Who is Liable If I Am Injured at a Stadium?

May 2, 2019

Millions of people attend stadiums every year for sporting events to rock-and-roll concerts. While most individuals will go home with nothing but happy memories, some will be less fortunate as stadiums can sometimes offer dangerous situations and conditions. Determining liability after being hurt at a stadium involves several factors. First, it is important to consider the following types of stadium injuries:

  • Slip and fall accidents: When attendees drink and eat in close quarters, they inevitably spill liquids. Those spilled items can create slippery conditions, making it easy for people to lose their balance. Additionally, loose railings and uneven steps can also become the perfect environment for tumbles.
  • Physical altercations: Attendees at stadium events may show off their fan spirit in several ways, including making gestures and swearing at other patrons. These actions can lead to physical altercations and reports of assault, including individuals who were innocent bystanders. Without proper security levels, altercations can escalate quickly.
  • Electrocution and burns: Wiring can go awry, particularly during outdoor events in stadiums during rain or thunderstorms. An exposed wire can create a fatal environment.
  • Flying object trauma: Attendees can get hurt from hurtling hockey pucks to soaring baseballs. Though these injuries are not always serious, they may cause scars or other significant damage. The stadium will usually offer a disclaimer that addresses these possibilities on the back of ticket stubs, but disclaimers alone cannot completely remove a stadium’s responsibility.
  • Pedestrian and car accidents: By extension, the parking lot of the stadium can become a danger zone. Pedestrians darting into traffic, limited authorized security personnel, and hard-to-read signs can lead to multiple accidents.
  • Food poisoning: As delicious as a ballpark hotdog may be, it can lead to food poisoning if it has not been cooked properly. This is not a risk that a stadium goer should be expected to assume when enjoying an event.


The issue of liability involving a stadium-related personal injury is unique to each situation. In some circumstances, the stadium may be at fault. In other instances, the fault may lie elsewhere. Courts will take the context of the case into consideration to determine liability for any injury. For example, if someone slips on a public bathroom floor that was freshly mopped but did not have warning cones set up, that person may have reason to file a premises liability suit due to negligence. However, if your friend spills a drink beneath their stadium seat and you slip on it, the stadium would not be liable.

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