How Can I Be Grateful on Thanksgiving During My Divorce?

November 21, 2019

For recently divorced individuals, it is difficult to manage holidays without their spouse. Many people are used to a holiday routine that included their ex-spouse and children. However, divorce often changes this routine. This might leave an individual uncomfortable and ungrateful during the Thanksgiving holiday. Despite these feelings, it is important to take steps to ensure a happy Thanksgiving holiday.

Work Together with Your Ex-Spouse

 After a divorce, it is often difficult to talk to an ex-spouse. However, this is one of the most important steps after a divorce if children are involved. Before Thanksgiving, individuals should reach out to their ex-spouse to discuss the holiday schedule. It is important for both parents to be flexible and collaborative. Although it may be difficult to give up a day with the children, it is best to be considerate of everyone involved. Working together helps both parents stay prepared for holiday festivities.

Stay Amicable with Your Ex-Spouse

Although it is hard to stay amicable with a former spouse, it is one of the best ways to stay positive during the holidays. Very few people like fighting with someone they once loved and doing so can make a lonely holiday harder. If children are involved, fighting with a spouse could lead to their resentment. Holidays tend to be exciting for children, therefore, it is important for both parents to keep the holidays positive.

Continue Practicing Traditions

When a family no longer celebrates a holiday together, it may feel weird to continue practicing family traditions. However, families are encouraged to keep the holidays as similar to former holidays as possible. Although things are not the same, family traditions help a family transition from holidays together to holidays apart. If the divorce ended amicably, those with children are encouraged to invite their ex-spouse to celebrate these traditions together.

Practice Charity

When all else fails, those feeling lonely during the holidays should consider charity. Many individuals who do not feel gratitude find comfort in helping others. It can be enlightening to realize that loneliness during the holidays happens to everyone.

Some ways to practice charity include:

  • Donating time at a soup kitchen
  • Helping a family in need pay for their Thanksgiving dinner
  • Visiting a senior center
  • Helping a neighbor prepare for the holidays

These are only a few ways to volunteer during the Thanksgiving season. Participating in a charity can help an individual feel gratitude, find friends, and offer help to those who need it most.

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