Car Accident Insurance Process

January 28, 2020

The days after a car accident can be confusing and stressful. Unfortunately, most car accidents result in injuries and damages. Injured victims need to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer, especially if medical bills and lost wages are predicted to be high. However, even a moderate crash event should be reported to insurance companies.

When to Contact an Auto Insurance Company

Auto insurance providers depend on insured drivers to inform them about the accident. Otherwise, they will never know that a damaging crash occurred. Insurance providers are not in touch with local municipalities, so they must rely on calls from the insured drivers.

The driver should contact the insurance provider as soon as possible. The provider will ask questions about the event, like where the accident occurred and how the accident happened. It is important to be thorough with details about the accident. This conversation allows the provider to start the claims process.

Will Auto Insurance Cover Damages?

In Pennsylvania, drivers with insurance can often expect their insurance providers to cover the cost of certain medical bills and the cost to repair their vehicles. Even if the driver was at-fault, the driver’s insurance provider may still be willing to reimburse for some damages.

Certainly, this can vary from provider to provider, and it also depends on the type of coverage the driver carries. Not all coverage is comprehensive, so a phone call to the provider before an accident happens might be a good idea. That way, the driver will understand what is covered and be prepared.

What Happens If a Claim Is Denied?

Auto insurance providers are not inclined to pay large amounts of money. For this reason, they may deny claims or limit how much they are willing to cover the cost of car repairs or medical bills. If bills begin to mount, a driver may want to talk to a lawyer who concentrates on dealing with car accident situations.

The lawyer will need to have some basic information on the car accident and who was at-fault. Pennsylvania operates under a comparative fault rule. Essentially, comparative fault helps courts decide which party was more at-fault for the car crash.

In the case of a personal injury lawsuit, the court will use the deciding percentage to determine how much money each party will pay and what their insurance companies will cover. Of course, a driver who files a civil lawsuit to recover damages should be no more than 50 percent at-fault.

Is There a Timeframe to Call an Insurance Provider?

Any driver involved in a car accident should call their auto insurance carrier immediately. Waiting to contact insurance companies will make the process longer than usual. It is also important to contact the companies immediately because memories of the accident can fade over time. In Pennsylvania, the statute of limitations is two years after the moment of the crash, so it better to file the claim as soon as possible.

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