How Can I Spend More Time with My Kids After Divorce?

July 15, 2020

Divorce affects more than just the separated couple. If there are children involved, their feelings are at risk, and the new changes in their lives may be difficult for them to adjust to. It is important for each parent to spend as much time as possible with their children and continue to build strong parent-child relationships after a divorce.

When Should I Plan Activities?

For parents who have custody on weekends, it is helpful to plan activities in advance. Check Facebook pages or event websites to see what is going in local areas. Parents can also check with other parents to see what they have planned for the weekend and any events that they are aware of. Other parents are great resources and can help suggest activities.

What if I Have Housework to Do?

To maximize time spent with children, do chores and housework before they arrive. Parents should go grocery shopping and clean the house to ensure that their full attention is on their kids. Also, if it is possible, take time away from the phone and focus on the children.

Unstructured Time is Okay

Planning ahead is recommended, but unstructured time is alright as well. Let the kids do what they want for a few hours a day and encourage them to play with toys in their room or read a book. Kids need time to relax, which can be done during unplanned times. Also, a parent can help his or her child with any homework. Helping children with school work shows commitment and investment to the children’s best interests.

What Extracurricular Activities Should I Do?

If time is limited due to the child custody arrangement, one way to spend extra time with them is by attending their extracurricular events. Coach a sport, root for them on the sidelines, volunteer with their clubs and activities, and sign up to chaperone class trips. Be involved and be there for the children during a time when they need their parents the most. Also, make sure to participate in all of the children’s important events, including birthday parties and graduations.

What if I Feel Overwhelmed?

Divorce is difficult and can be a hard transition for both parents and kids. It is important to not put pressure on oneself and the children. Continue the same routine prior to the divorce, such as tucking the children into bed and cooking dinner together. Also, remember that due to the difficult transition of divorce, children may begin to act out. These situations usually arise from children seeking attention. Be present with the kids and listen to everything that they have to say.

Children who spend adequate time with both parents after a divorce are more likely to have better health and be happier. Parenting is hard, and divorce is even harder. If a parent is struggling with divorce-related decisions or with a child custody agreement, it is best to speak to a lawyer right away.

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