Can I Dispute a Denied Car Insurance Claim?

December 21, 2020

One might assume that their insurance will cover their car accident, but it is not unusual for a claim to be denied. A denied claim can be distressing, especially when the policyholder was counting on the money to pay for significant damages. There may be ways to dispute the insurance company’s findings, but it can be a challenging process.

Reasons for a Denied Claim

Some reasons for denial can be traced back to the policy specifications. Auto insurance policies have coverage options and monetary limits, and when these are exceeded, claims can be denied. For example, once a policy owner meets the state-required coverage amount, they can choose to pay for additional coverage. In cases where they have not opted for this, owners can find that their benefits fall short. For example, if a driver gets in an accident that causes $50,000 in medical bills but their coverage for bodily injury liability is $25,000, the injured driver may only receive $25,000.

A claim can also be denied when a policy owner neglects to report their accident in timely manner. Failing to report a crash to the auto insurer, to the police, or not seeking medical quickly can also lead to a denial. A driver who provides dishonest information about their auto insurance application, or broke the law during the accident, can also have their claim denied.

How can I Fight a Denied Claim?

An auto insurance claim can be wrongfully denied, and it can be very frustrating. Even so, it helps to stay calm, cooperative, and friendly with the insurer and any adjusters involved with the claim. It is also important to never sign paperwork or cash a check that signifies agreement to a settlement. Once this is done, the opportunity to dispute the claim can vanish. Instead, the best step to do is gather up the information and put it in writing. This letter to the insurer should include where the mistake was made with documentation that will support the dispute.

From there, the insurance will issue a response. They may be willing to negotiate a fair settlement. If they do not offer a fair settlement, an appeal can be made. Another option is to contact an independent claims adjuster who may be able to mediate between the policy owner and insurance company.

If the provider is acting in bad faith, breaking state insurance codes, or breaching the auto insurance policy, a lawyer may be able to help. An insurance company is able to reopen the claim in certain circumstances and revise their decision if the case against the denial is solid.

Delaware County Personal Injury Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Help Car Accident Victims with Denied Claims

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