What are the Consequences of Failure to Use Turn Signals?

June 16, 2021
Turn Signals

According to a study by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), many drivers simply do not use their turn signals at all. The study determined that failure to use turn signals causes approximately two million car accidents each year.

Additionally, failing to use a turn signal can result is fines or tickets. Neglecting the use of a turn signal is something everyone is guilty of, but it is particularly more common among younger drivers. Most people have been in a situation where there has been a car that fails to signal when turning or merging into another lane unexpectedly. This is not just a lazy habit, but a hazard that can lead to a crash.

When driving, a turn signal should be used when changing lanes, merging, parking, exiting, and turning. A turn signal is not a courtesy that the driver is serving to be polite, rather it is a manner of communication. This gesture has the intent to act as a warning sign to fellow drivers on the road.

When drivers observe other motorists using turn signals, they are more likely to slow down, create space, and maintain a safe distance from them. By signaling a turn, a driver is properly warning others so that they may decrease their speed, change to another lane, or stop to avoid a car crash.

When are Turn Signals Required While Driving?

Driving laws will vary by state, however, whenever a driver is controlling a car, SUV, motorcycle, truck, bus, trailer or any vehicle, it is imperative that signals are used to avoid a crash. The most crucial times to remember signaling is turning, merging, passing other vehicles, entering a parking lot, and exiting a highway.

How can Failure to Use a Turn Signal Cause a Car Accident?

By not utilizing a turn signal, other motorists do not know a driver’s intentions. It will be hard to predict where a driver will turn or move, which can cause a serious collision.

If a crash occurs, those involved are now subject to injuries and even death due to the accident. Some consequences related to crashes as a result of failing to signal are permanent injuries, emotional trauma, inability to work, and dramatic costs to repair the vehicle.

Why Do Some Drivers Not Use Turn Signals?

Some drivers will not use their turn signal because they forget to do so, or they may not have thought it was necessary to do so. Other drivers have noted that they were merely distracted by something else while driving and did not think to signal. No matter the cause, failing to use a turn signal can cause a serious collision.

How can Drivers Remember to Use Turn Signals?

Motorists should start making it a habit to always use a turn signal. Motorists who are driving in heavy traffic, the highway, local neighborhood, or around town should use the blinker at every opportunity. By constantly reminding oneself to use the blinker when driving, one will eventually create a habit out of it. If one is hit by another motorist who failed to use their turn signal, they may have legal options.

Delaware County Personal Injury Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Advocate for Motorists to Use Turn Signals and Follow Safe Driving Practices

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