What Are Safety Tips for Pregnant Drivers?

October 28, 2021
safety pregnant drivers

Wearing a seat belt is vital, but many people believe that this protective restraint can be dangerous to a pregnant woman because the belt could cause the mother’s abdomen to bear the impact of a car accident. Does that mean pregnant women should not wear a seat belt? Car safety experts and obstetricians agree that the benefits of wearing a seat belt far outweigh any dangers to both mother and baby. However, this does raise concerns on how pregnant women can stay safe in the car.

It is recommended that pregnant women should wear a seat belt, but they should also take other precautions. If you are a mother, some steps that will protect you and your baby include:

  • Move your seat back away from the steering wheel so that your stomach has plenty of space.
  • Wear the seat belt correctly. Do not put the chest strap behind your back or otherwise out of the way.
  • Set the adjustable shoulder strap at a comfortable height, so it fits nicely over your shoulder.
  • Ensure that the lap belt is situated across your thighs, not across your abdomen.
  • Do not disable the airbag, as this is another safety feature that protects your baby and you.
  • If possible, have someone else drive. The passenger seat is the safest spot to sit during pregnancy.

Seat Belt Safety

While a properly worn seat belt should prevent the mother from being dangerously jolted or ejected from the vehicle, the seat belt itself comes with risks. The fetus may be harmed or killed if the mother lurches forward during a crash and the force of the impact is placed on her abdomen.

Still, wearing a seat belt during pregnancy is strongly recommended whenever a mother-to-be travels by car. Although it is true that the seat belt placement has the potential to cause injury or death to the fetus, injury to the mother is also a danger to the unborn child. Crash-related dangers to the mother are substantially decreased with the use of a seat belt.

What Injuries Can Pregnant Women Experience in Car Accidents?

All passengers are vulnerable in car accidents, but pregnant women and their babies are at greater risk. It is clear that a serious or fatal injury to the mother puts the fetus in danger as well. Some injuries pregnant women can experience in collisions include:

  • Blunt force trauma injuries
  • Placental abruption
  • Ruptured uterus
  • Premature delivery

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