Ask One of Our Skilled Attorneys to Review Important Legal Documents

June 30, 2022
review important legal documents

Did you know you can ask any of our attorneys to review important legal documents? That is one of the benefits of utilizing a multi-service law practice!

Recently, one of our attorneys, Matt Bilker, was asked by a friend to review an Estate Accounting that was composed by another law firm. Matt, who is a personal injury litigator, collaborated with Dan Coleman, one our top-notch estates attorneys, and Renee Hixson and Chelsea Nicosia, two of our extremely high-quality estates paralegals, to review the accounting. 

Together, they realized that the fees were exorbitant and challenged the distribution. Following negotiations, the Estate’s attorneys’ fees were reduced by approximately $11,000 (approximately 40% of what they initially intended on charging) and the Estate’s executor’s fees by an astounding $17,000 (more than 50% of what they had initially intended on charging).

This small investment into an attorney review yielded our client, and each one of the other eight beneficiaries, approximately $3,500 more each. It’s not difficult to reach out to an attorney to ask them to double check work/review important legal documents and instruments. And, as is the case here, it can oftentimes help put more money in your pocket.

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