What Are Common Accident-Related Bone Fractures?

July 11, 2022
West Chester Car Accident Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Help Accident Survivors With Bone Fractures Find Justice.

Even a slow-moving car accident can leave occupants injured. Bone fractures are among the most common types of car accident injuries. Even a “clean break,” as opposed to a compound break, can result in health care appointments, medical bills, and physical therapy sessions.

For instance, if a bone breaks and then pushes through the skin, the skin would need to be repaired. This could cause a severe scar. People who have sustained significant scars from car accidents may be able to collect compensation for their disfigurement.

There are more than 200 bones in the human body, and any one of them can be affected by the force of a crash. Some bone fractures are more common in car accidents.

Arm and Leg Bone Fractures

During the impact of a car accident, occupants cannot control the movement of their arms or legs. As a result, they may break an arm or leg bone, such as the humorous, the wrist bone, or the femur.

Head Fractures

Your head consists of several bones, including the skull and jawbone. Both can be broken or cracked. As you might imagine, head trauma severe enough to break bones tends to cause damage to soft tissues, nerves, and even the brain. A broken jaw may require emergency corrective jaw surgery to avoid long-term complications.

Spinal Fractures

The spine consists of vertebrae that can be broken during a car crash. When vertebrae are broken or crushed, they or their fragments may affect the spinal cord and other parts of the back and spine.

Rib Fractures

Damage to the ribcage is commonly seen in accident survivors of all ages. Many people with broken ribs do not realize they have been hurt immediately. If they do not receive immediate treatment, they may wake up the following day feeling like it hurts to breathe or as if their sides are bruised. Untreated rib fractures can be dangerous if the splintered ribs puncture a nearby organ.

What Are the Signs of a Bone Fracture?

You may fracture a bone anywhere in your body if you are in a T-bone accident, head-on collision, sideswipe collision, or any other type of car accident. Any bone can cleanly break, partially break, or become crushed.

It is essential to know the symptoms of a bone fracture. Telltale signs of bone fractures include:

  • The inability to move the area around the bone, such as your finger or hand.
  • Swelling and tenderness at the site of the bone fracture.
  • The bone may be pushing against the skin or may have broken through the skin.
  • Intense pain or throbbing.
  • A deformed appearance, such as a leg that is bent unnaturally.

If you suspect you have a bone fracture caused by a car accident, head to an emergency facility immediately. Health care professionals must address other problems that can accompany broken bones.

Can You Be Compensated for a Bone Fracture?

You may end up paying expenses when you have been hurt in a crash. These costs may be covered by your insurance, the other driver’s insurance, or through a personal injury lawsuit. Knowing where to file a claim can be confusing without help from a lawyer. It is best to speak with a car accident lawyer to understand how to proceed.

West Chester Car Accident Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Help Accident Survivors With Bone Fractures Find Justice

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