How Does the Ride on Red Law Work in Pennsylvania?

June 14, 2023
Chester County Car Accident Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Represent Clients in Ride on Red Law Cases

One law that many people may not be familiar with is Pennsylvania’s Red on Red Law. The law allows vehicles to proceed cautiously at an intersection with a malfunctioning traffic light or if the detection system fails to recognize them. You must treat this situation like a stop sign.

Traffic lights can malfunction for various reasons. It might be damaged or old, but the sensors beneath the road might not kick in when the vehicle is not heavy enough to trigger them.

Ride on Red does not specify how long drivers must wait before continuing. Essentially, the driver’s judgment is needed to make the right decision. Anyone who takes advantage of Ride on Red is still responsible if they cause an accident. That is because all drivers have a duty of care to operate vehicles safely and avoid accidents when possible. When drivers fail to uphold that duty and crash into another vehicle, they can be held liable for damages.

What Happens if I am Involved in a Ride on Red Accident?

There has been much debate about this law since drivers have wide-ranging levels of judgment and patience. One might wait a full five minutes, but another might be in a hurry and make the wrong assumption. There could be an argument if both drivers have differing opinions about liability.

When you find yourself in this situation, do not engage with an angry driver because the situation could quickly escalate. Call for help quickly and return to your vehicle – it may need to be moved to a safer location, like a shoulder or nearby parking lot. If the driver is calm and cooperative, exchange license, registration, and insurance information and wait for emergency services to arrive. A law enforcement officer can create a police report.

You can also snap photos of evidence from the scene, like skid marks and the malfunctioning traffic light. Remember to call your insurance provider promptly to let them know what happened.

Chester County Car Accident Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Represent Clients in Ride on Red Law Cases

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