Travel Tips for Long Road Trips

July 25, 2023
Travel Tips for Long Road Trips

Summer is the time of year when families and friends finally have the time to plan a long road trip. Road trips are great for embracing experiences and making memories but can also be dangerous. 

There are many causes of car accidents across the country. Factors like distractions, recklessness, drowsiness, and other issues are all compounded when on a long road trip. As the summer continues and more roads become congested with travelers, the chances of getting into an accident increase. 

To help you get to your destination safely, here are a few travel tips to remember before and during the long ride.

Check Your Car

Before your trip, you should check your car and have routine maintenance or a tune-up done. You want to be sure your car is safe and ready to handle long-distance travel. Have your tires, tire pressures, brakes, and other safety components checked, and be sure all your fluids are topped off. Make any necessary repairs if your mechanic recommends any. 

Make Sure You Are Well-Rested

Drowsy driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents. Keep this in mind before heading out on your trip. You should get at least seven hours of sleep on the two consecutive nights before your trip and plan to leave in the morning instead of later. It would be best to take a break every 100 miles or a few hours by finding an exit and a safe place to park and stretch your legs.

Pack Accordingly

You should always have an emergency road kit in your car. A tire-changing kit, tool kit, flashlight, road flares, jumper cables, and a first-aid kit are just some of the many items you should have in case of a breakdown. Consider also having items for yourself, like a blanket, drinking water, non-perishable food, and a phone charger. 

Plan Your Stops

It is a good idea to check your route and see where you can plan your breaks before heading out. If you are traveling mostly on a highway, find out where the rest stops are and plan when to stop at them. Sometimes, there are large distances between rest stops, and the next one may be too far away when you need it. Planning your stops also helps you get out of the car and stretch your legs or use the restroom, which can help boost your energy. Finally, when you stop, take the time to walk around your vehicle and inspect it for any safety issues, such as your tires or any exterior lights out.    

Stay Alert

Staying alert and driving defensively increases your chances of avoiding an accident. Sit up straight and scan the road for any upcoming hazards. It is easy for your body to be lulled into drowsiness when driving, and you may have a false sense of security. To keep focused, try rolling down your windows and breathing fresh air, chewing gum, or listening to an audiobook.     

Have a Driving Partner

Having another passenger in the car helps you remain focused and engaged. Conversations or even offering directions help keep your mind awake as you drive. Furthermore, you can switch with your passenger and have them drive while taking a much-needed break.

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