What Should I Do if I Was in a Rideshare Car Accident?

November 20, 2023
Our Media Car Accident Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Are Experienced With Rideshare Accidents

Uber or Lyft can be great when people are having their cars repaired, are traveling, or do not want to drink and drive. Yet, they are prone to accidents just like other vehicles. Things can get complicated when dealing with rideshare fault, liability, and insurance, however.

The most important thing to do right after a motor vehicle accident is to check if anyone is injured. Call 911, and the responding officers will help determine if an ambulance is needed. Even if you do not seem hurt, get a medical evaluation.

Snap photos of the driver’s license and insurance information, as well as any rideshare identifying documents. Ask the responding officer how to get a copy of the police report, and take pictures of skid marks, road conditions, and anything else that may have contributed to the crash. If there were eyewitnesses, try to get their contact information.

You can call your own insurance company to let them know what happened, alerting them about the rideshare. Only provide basic information, like where the crash occurred, but do not share opinions or say anything that might be held against you later. You should also report the accident to the rideshare company.

Does the Rideshare Driver Pay for My Injuries?

If another driver is found to be at fault for crashing into a rideshare vehicle, their insurance generally pays. When rideshare drivers cause crashes, their auto insurance might pay if that driver was not using the rideshare app at the time of the accident. Uber and Lyft cover their drivers with active passengers through policies.

If a rideshare driver caused your accident and carries the minimum state-required insurance amounts, there might not be enough coverage for your injuries and property damage.

You could sue the company if the rideshare driver’s negligence caused the crash. This can be challenging because it is a large company. You will need to prove that their driver was working for them at the time of the collision and have evidence that points to their negligent driving. These cases can be complicated, so contacting a car accident lawyer is essential.

Our Media Car Accident Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Are Experienced With Rideshare Accidents

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