What Is Insurance Revenge in Divorce?

November 28, 2023
Our Media Divorce Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Represent Clients Affected by Insurance Revenge

Insurance revenge is a tactic that some spouses use to take action against their soon-to-be ex-partners. There are a few ways for people to use insurance revenge, and it typically involves trying to change the terms of one or more policies or committing fraud.

These are some examples of insurance revenge:

  • Auto insurance: When both spouses are named owners on a car’s title, one might remove the plates and turn them in without the other one’s knowledge. If they still have a set of keys, they could drive the car away, purposely get into an accident, and return it.
  • Health insurance: It is essential to avoid gaps in health insurance, especially when children are on the policy. An ex-spouse who had the family on their policy might drop them even if that was prohibited on the divorce order. That could be devastating for someone who needs hospital care and finds out their coverage was terminated.
  • Homeowners insurance: If an ex-spouse gets into the other spouse’s home, they could cause significant damage by causing a flood. If the targeted spouse had made a recent homeowners claim for this reason, they might not get insurance coverage for the second one.
  • Life Insurance: This is similar to health insurance when ex-spouses cancel coverage without informing their beneficiaries.

How Can I Prevent Insurance Revenge When Divorcing?

If you plan to divorce, go through every insurance policy you have, with or without your spouse. When possible, separate them into single policies. If you plan to remain on any of them, this may not be doable, so you must stay vigilant. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Contact all the insurers and ensure they have your phone number and email information. Ask to be notified if payments are missed; if you have moved, update your address.
  • New life insurance policies are often part of the divorce, so speak with an attorney before deciding. It is essential if you and your ex share children. Ask about a disability insurance policy to protect the family, just in case.
  • The most important advice about preventing insurance revenge is to stay informed. Check monthly statements and go online to confirm the coverage. If you suspect foul play, contact an experienced divorce lawyer.

Our Media Divorce Lawyers at Eckell Sparks Represent Clients Affected by Insurance Revenge

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