Can I Receive Compensation for Anxiety Treatments After Car Accident?

January 16, 2024
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Living with the consequences of a car accident can involve serious physical challenges, but the emotional aspect is often overlooked. Anxiety can become a persistent, debilitating issue after such a traumatic event.

The anxiety after a car accident can impact many areas of your daily living, but everyone reacts differently to stress and trauma. It depends on the circumstances of the accident, past life events, and other factors. One person might never be able to drive a car again, while another refuses to go to work and cannot communicate with family members.

These are three common forms of anxiety related to car accidents:

  • PTSD: This typically increases anxiety and may lead accident survivors to dwell on the event constantly. There might be intensely anxious reactions, nightmares, and flashbacks that make it difficult or impossible to work or function every day.
  • Depression: Often paired with physical injuries and anxiety, depression can prevent car accident survivors from engaging in daily activities. It can be a vicious cycle, preventing you from caring for yourself and your loved ones or enjoying life.
  • Generalized anxiety: A car accident can trigger a generalized anxiety disorder, but in many cases, the condition goes undiagnosed.

It is possible to receive compensation for anxiety treatments after a car accident with the help of an experienced, compassionate lawyer. You will need a legitimate medical diagnosis that explains your symptoms and how the accident caused them. That is typically obtained from physicians or therapists.

Your lawyer can also work to establish how the symptoms have affected your life and work performance. You should provide receipts or statements of all your incurred costs. All of this information can determine your damages.

How Is Post-Accident Anxiety Treated?

Like severe physical injuries, emotional ones can heal with patience and the right treatment. Many recommend returning behind the wheel soon after a crash, but that might not work for everyone. If you are struggling with anxiety after a car accident, therapy could be the answer – a licensed professional might be able to help you work through the fears.

Other suggestions for relieving car accident-related anxiety symptoms include getting a newer, safer model to drive. Many have advanced safety features like side airbags and traction control. You might even want to work with a driving instructor to relearn the basics. These processes take time, so experiment to see what works and do not expect immediate improvements.

Contact a Media Car Accident Lawyer at Eckell Sparks About Claiming  Compensation for Anxiety After a Car Accident

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