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Avoiding Truck Accidents During the Holidays

Although parking lots at shopping malls are packed with cars during the holiday season, many people have turned to shopping online for gifts and supplies. This translates into more delivery trucks on the roads throughout December. They are on all the roads and highways, and these increasing numbers lead to more truck accidents during the » Read More


Autonomous Trucks

With companies like Uber, Google, and Tesla competing to produce self-driving cars, it is no surprise that autonomous trucks are now being tested. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) recently held a demonstration of an autonomous truck in one of their work safety zones. The truck, valued at $350,000, was manufactured by Royal Trucking, which » Read More


Will Lowering the Driving Age Reduce Truck Driver Shortage?

America is amid a nationwide truck driver shortage. As companies like Amazon and Walmart’s delivery services continue to expand, the trucking industry cannot keep up. Experts say that nearly 15,000 more drivers are needed to fill the shortage. The truck industry estimates that over the next 10 years, trucking companies will need to hire 1,000,000 » Read More


Construction Zone Truck Accidents

Highway construction zones are a high-risk area for everybody, but especially for big trucks. The sheer size and weight of a truck makes for slower reaction times and increases the need for stopping distance compared to smaller vehicles. All of these issues become amplified in the confined lanes of a construction zone, leading to a » Read More


Trucks Damage Bridges Causing Accidents

The Philadelphia area is no stranger to bad traffic, but the advent of GPS apps has added another twist to the litany of traffic problems here – trucks crashing into bridges in the surrounding suburbs injuring people and snarling traffic for miles around. Most GPS apps plot a route without taking into consideration the height » Read More


Philadelphia SEPTA Bus Tractor Trailer Crash Causes Multiple Injuries

On Tuesday morning, a SEPTA bus and tractor trailer collided, causing multiple injuries for victims. Around 5:30 am, the crash occurred when the SEPTA bus hit the tractor trailer as it was turning from Orthodox Street in the Frankford section of Philadelphia. Passengers from the bus sustained a range of injuries and were taken to » Read More


Truck Technology

A recent report from the AAA concludes that installing safety technology on all large trucks could prevent more than 60,000 crashes each year and save lives. More than 3.5 million trucks travel U.S. highways. The study, titled “Leveraging Large Truck Technology and Engineering to Realize Safety Gains,” examined four types of advanced safety technology available » Read More